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    Student Life

    The Academic Curriculum

    We offer a two-year three A level programme of study in the Sixth Form. There will be the option for some students to take four A levels: each of these will be considered on an individual basis and will be dependent on their GCSE results. Any student opting for Further Maths will also have the opportunity to take four A levels through to completion. Any student choosing to study Ancient Greek will take this as a fourth option as we only offer this as a standalone AS.

    The average class size is approximately 12 in Year 13 and 16 in Year 12 and maximum numbers are in the region of 20-22. Students will have two teachers for each subject with lessons consisting of a triple and two double periods a week; a total of 4 hours 40 minutes contact time per subject. Homework is set every week, and we have the highest expectations of students with regard to the completion of homework and the meeting of deadlines. Homework constitutes an integral element of the A level curriculum, consolidating learning in the classroom and promoting student independence. The A level course has proved a successful route to Higher Education for the majority of our students. 

    Every year approximately two-thirds of our students secure places at the prestigious Russell Group universities. This year 18 of our students obtained the necessary grades to take up their Oxbridge offers and 3 students gained places to study medicine. In addition, 22 students obtained places on Art Foundation and/or Degree courses at Art School. Students went on to a variety of degree courses.


    At Camden School for Girls, we aim to include everyone in the school community and foster a sense of belonging and pride. Our Induction Programme ensures that students are relaxed and feel at home from day one, so they can concentrate on working and learning to their full potential. A thorough Induction Programme gives our students an important grounding in the ethos of the school and an understanding of their rights and responsibilities. The social benefits are also very valuable as students make friends very quickly and soon feel part of a cohesive unit.

    Year 12 students can expect their first week at Camden School for Girls to be full of team-building and ice-breaking exercises and activities designed to help them make new friends and settle in quickly. They will also have time to get to know a key figure in their two years at Camden - their tutor. At the end of the week, they have a one-to-one session with their tutor to evaluate their first week in the Sixth Form. In the final week of September, Year 12 students go on a residential trip to Skern in Devon for three days of further team building and outdoor activities. This trip is hugely popular with our students who learn to work both with their peers and school staff whilst having lots of fun.