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    Offer Distances

    Please click on 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 or 2014 to see the area in which parents lived, whose daughters were offered a place on National Offer Day for entry in September of the relevant year under the distance criterion for the four bands defined in the Admissions Policy.

    Band A (coloured orange) - in 2018 this was 0.8 miles

    Band B (coloured blue) - in 2018 this was 0.58 miles

    Band C (coloured green) - in 2018 this was 0.88 miles

    Band D (coloured purple) - in 2018 this was 0.35 miles

    Tablet and phone users will be able to zoom in using their fingers. If using a desktop or a laptop, you are advised to use Firefox, Chrome or Safari to ensure that the zoom control on the map is displayed. Otherwise, double click to zoom in, right double click to zoom out.

    Please also note that this historical data is provided for information only. Residence within these historic maximum offer distances is no guarantee of an offer of a place in this or future years.

    Please visit the Local Authority admissions page for more information and to find how far you live from this or any other secondary school. Alternatively, you will find that the first step in an application for banding assessment will show you how far you live from the school.

    • A 2014
    • B 2014
    • C 2014
    • D 2014
    • A 2015
    • B 2015
    • C 2015
    • D 2015
    • A 2016
    • B 2016
    • C 2016
    • D 2016
    • A 2017
    • B 2017
    • C 207
    • D 2017
    • A 2018
    • B 2018
    • C 2018
    • D 2018