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    Modern Languages

    European Day of Languages 

    European Day of Languages 

    Curriculum Information

    At KS3, the MFL department follows the National Curriculum programme of study. The over-arching aim of MFL at Key Stage 3 is to instil in pupils an awareness and appreciation of foreign language and culture, whilst at the same time giving them a solid base in terms of the grammar and pronunciation of a language.

    Students study either French or Spanish to GCSE.

    Formal and informal assessments are carried out regularly in all four skills, along National Curriculum guidelines. In both French and Spanish pupils develop their listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation skills as they visit the topics. They are encouraged to use the target language at all times in the classroom and will frequently be asked to use French and Spanish for creative or imaginative purposes.

    At KS4 pupils follow the AQA syllabus.  All four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing are tested.  Pupils are entered for either the Higher Tier (Grades 9-4) or the Foundation Tier (Grades 5-1).  Tier decisions are made towards the middle of Year 11.

    Skill weighting:

    Listening = 25%
    Reading = 25%
    Speaking = 25%
    Writing = 25%

    French Links and Teaching Resources
    Spanish Links and Teaching Resources