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    Further Mathematics

    A Level Further Mathematics involves further and deeper study of mathematics and its applications and is taken in addition to Mathematics A Level. It provides a thorough preparation for further mathematical study. Students should be confident in experimenting with and applying their mathematical knowledge. Students are prepared for A Level Mathematics in Year 12 and then for A Level Further Mathematics in Year 13.

    Further Mathematics is assessed by 4 equally weighted papers of duration 1 hour 30 minutes. 2 papers are Core Pure and every school studies these. At CSG, the other 2 papers are Further Statistics 1 and Further Mechanics 1.

    The pure content covers: proof, complex numbers, matrices, further algebra and functions, further vectors, polar coordinates, hyperbolic functions, differential equations and further calculus.

    The statistics content covers further distributions such as poisson, geometric and negative binomial, chi squared testing, probability generating functions and further hypothesis testing.

    The mechanics content covers momentum and impulse, work, energy and power, elastic strings and springs and elastic collisions.

    Those who qualify in Further Mathematics are in the fortunate position of having a wide range of career and degree choices. In the past, students who have taken Further Mathematics A Level have, as a consequence, achieved good grades in A Level Mathematics and secured places at first rate universities to study Mathematics, Medicine, Economics, Engineering and the Sciences.

    Entry Requirements: As stated in the Admission Policy

    Special Requirements: Including grade 7 or above at GCSE mathematics                                                     

    Exam Board: Edexcel


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