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    Exam Results and Destinations

    Please follow the links below for our exam results information:

    Exam Results 2021
    Exam Results 2020
    Exam Results 2019
    Exam Results 2018

    Letter from the Headteacher

    Students at Camden School for Girls once again collected outstanding A Level results in 2020, with progress above the national average. The school’s data is as follows:

    • 36% of students finished their A Level studies with three or more A*-A grades.
    • 71% of students finished their A Level studies with three or more A*-B grades.
    • 44% of students finished their A Level studies gaining at least AAB which includes two facilitating subjects.
    • Per A Level entry, our average point score is 46 which equates to an A-.

    Parents report that they are happy with the sixth form and that it meets their child’s needs:

    • Love the school!
    • My son made the good decision to move to Camden from his old school. He has thrived at Camden, what a great sixth form!
    • I am very impressed with Camden sixth form and very pleased my son is there.
    • Thank you all very much for a wonderful sixth form.
    • Thank you to all the sixth form staff for their sterling work.
    • The teachers have been very supportive. Thank you.

    William – Sixth Form Head Boy 2017
    Camden has given us a community that has empowered all of us, not just the girls! I can testify that I know I would not be the same person stood before you had I not come to Camden, a Sixth Form where we do not shy away from any discussion, no matter how controversial.”

    “A school with the most amazing teachers who always ensure you achieve your potential and beyond. A place where being different is ok and even celebrated.”

    Matty – Sixth Form Head Boy 2018
    “Only at Camden do I believe that I would have been welcomed in with such open arms and having such a positive start propelled me to throw myself into a variety of activities, some of which I could never have imagined myself doing, such as dressing up as Mrs Clause and singing don’t stop believing in front of 500 girls.

    Lily – Sixth Form Head Girl 2019
    “I wanted to move school to find a place which would foster diversity and acceptance and Camden provided that space for me. Camden has also shown me what womanhood looks like. Whilst my lessons have been informative and the endless debates with certain teachers have been thought provoking and at times frustrating, I have done much of my learning from the bold and passionate students who go to this school.”

    Tiago – Sixth Form Head Boy 2019
    “Throughout our time in Sixth Form we’ve constantly felt challenged and pushed to do more and achieve more than we ever thought we would be capable of. And through the extensive array of masterclasses, enrichments, and assemblies, this school has offered an abundance of inspiration to each one of us.”

    Abigail - Sixth Form Head Girl 2020
    "After spending 5 years at Camden's Main School, I didn't see any reason to move for Sixth Form. In the Sixth Form the school continued to be enthusiastic in giving every student the most fulfilling education possible, no matter their background, and I'm proud to have been a part of it."

    Destinations from the sixth form last year include the following:

    • 75% of our successful applicants secured places at Russell Group Universities
    • 31% are starting STEM courses
    • We have 18 students with places at Oxford or Cambridge
    • 6 students have places to study Medicine

    Most popular universities this year:

    • University of Bristol (23 students)
    • University of Manchester (21 students)
    • University of Leeds (12 students)
    • University of Sussex (12 students)

    Elizabeth Kitcatt

    Higher Education

    The majority of our Sixth Form students' progress from A Levels to Higher Education applying for a very broad range of courses ranging across the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and STEM subjects. Some of our students apply to study abroad or for Degree Level Apprenticeships. Art Foundation is a popular choice with some students completing it as a prelude to further study in a more specialised area of Art and Design, whilst others spend a year developing their creative knowledge and understanding prior to taking up an academic degree in another subject area.

    Many of our students choose to take a gap year. Some work for a period of time in order to finance travel; others go abroad for the entire year, either on volunteer projects around the world or to live in a country where they can learn a new language or improve their fluency in one already studied.  Some apply for internships which gives them the opportunity to experience working in an industry they are particularly interested in, and which may inform their choice of subject for undergraduate study. Our gap year students either apply for a deferred place during Year 13 or return to us during their gap year for support and advice through the UCAS process.

    We take the university application process very seriously. A full programme of advice and guidance is arranged to inform and support students over the two years, enabling them to complete successful applications to universities and colleges. Our students have full access to Unifrog, an online platform that gives extremely detailed information and guidance on HE progression routes and careers. Students can also use the careers bookshelf situated in the Sixth Form Common Room to browse among the hundreds of prospectuses sent by Higher Education Institutions.

    There is a special event in the Spring Term, ‘The Higher Education Conference’, specifically devoted to the skills of filling in the UCAS application forms for degree courses and guiding students on writing personal statements. The event involves a panel of admissions tutors from a wide range of universities. In the Summer Term we have our Year 12 Careers Conference at which students meet with a wide range of professionals and learn about their career paths.

    UCAS forms are started in the Summer Term of Year 12 and completed in the Autumn Term of Year 13. During this time, our UCAS coordinator works alongside the Head of Year and the tutors, helping students to choose courses.

    Sixth Form Destinations 2020

    Our students continue to achieve the grades to take up places at a fantastic range of universities in a huge range of courses. This year 185 of our students secured places at 46 different universities and a further 20 of them went on to art foundation courses at the major London art schools. Bristol and Manchester are the most popular destinations with a strong showing from Leeds, Sussex, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

    Here are some headlines:

    • 75% of places are at Russell Group universities.
    • 18 students gained places at Oxbridge colleges.
    • 6 students are studying medicine.
    • 31% of all degree courses are in STEM subjects.
    • History and politics degrees are the most popular choice this year with 14% of courses in these subjects.
    • English literature and language courses are also very popular accounting for 13% overall.
    • Economics and Geography based degrees account for 7% each.

    As well as more traditional choices our sixth formers applied for an eclectic range of subjects such as the following: Aerospace engineering; Criminology with quantitative methods; Culinary arts management; Environmental geoscience; Film and television production; Midwifery with leadership; Music production & sound engineering; Songwriting.

    Overall our students have gone on to study over 100 different subjects and subject combinations.

    Here is the full list of our 2020 students’ UK universities and colleges:   


    Number of Students

    University of Aberdeen

    BIMM Institute 1
    Birkbeck University of London 1
    University of Birmingham 1
    Birmingham University College 1
    University of Bristol 23
    Bristol University of the West of England 2
    Brunel University of London 2
    Buckinghamshire New University 1
    University of Cambridge 9
    University of Cardiff 1
    City University of London 1
    Durham University 3
    University of East Anglia 3
    University of Edinburgh 11
    University of Exeter 2
    University of Glasgow 11
    Glasgow School of Art 3
    Hertfordshire University 1
    Imperial College London 1
    King's College London 2
    University of Leeds 12
    Leeds Beckett University 2
    University of Leicester 2
    University of Liverpool 4
    University of Manchester 21
    Manchester Metropolitan University 3
    Newcastle University 4
    University of Nottingham 3
    Nottingham Trent University 1
    University of Oxford 9
    University of Plymouth 1
    Point Blank Music School 1
    Queen Mary University of London 3
    University of Reading 1
    Royal Holloway University of London 1
    University of Sheffield 6
    SOAS University of London 3
    St George’s, University of London 1
    University of Surrey 1
    University of Sussex 12
    University College London 3
    University of Warwick 3
    University of West London 1
    University of York 3
    York Hull Medical School 1
    Art Foundation Number of Students
    Camberwell 5
    Camden Working Men's College 2
    Central Saint Martins 4

    City and Guilds of London