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    At Camden School for Girls, we pride ourselves on preparing our students for a variety of different career pathways. All students have access to a range of resources to enable them to make informed choices about their future.

    These include:

    • Extra-curricular clubs and trips to support students in developing their understanding of a range of different subjects
    • A planned programme relevant to their year group
    • A qualified, impartial and independent careers advisor for personalised advice and guidance
    • Information about the world of work and how the labour market is changing
    • Information about further and higher education, training, apprenticeships and employment routes
    • Activities which challenge stereotyping, raise aspirations and develop skills and qualities that improve their employability
    • Activities to develop enterprise skills and financial capability
    • Careers displays: regularly updated around the school to include job advertisements, open days and Further/Higher Education information
    • In school career talks by employers
    • Careers Lessons
    • Work experience
    • Voluntary work
    • Enterprise activities
    • Industry/Career visit
    • College/university visit
    • Careers guidance interview
    • All students will have access to CEIAG through Unifrog. Students will also have opportunities to explore relevant websites and make Post 16 applications to 6th form, colleges or apprenticeship providers
    • Resources will be available via the school’s website and within the student’s virtual learning platform, Google Education  which is accessible from home
    • Bulletin: information will be provided to students and parents via the daily banda notices

    Careers and Work Experience Policy

    Photos from Careers Trips 

    Y10 work experience Summer 2019

    During the final two weeks of the Summer Term, all of our Y10 students were out on work experience placements. The benefits of work experience are enormous, they include:

    • providing ideas about future careers
    • understanding of work-related skills
    • an opportunity to spend time with adults who are enthusiastic about their jobs
    • experiencing the demands and rewards of work

    The range of placements was impressive, and included:

    • jewellers
    • law firm
    • film production
    • banking
    • council
    • children’s centre
    • stage management
    • veterinary practice
    • charity shop
    • architects
    • hospital
    • nursery
    • pharmacy
    • shop
    • hotel
    • music
    • theatre

    Employers commented as follows:

    • 'a good listener, attention to details, punctual, keen to learn, inquisitive - all in all a pleasure to work with' - architect
    • 'independent, really easy to manage, had a variety of tasks in a busy environment which the student just got on with - proactive' - office work
    • 'thrown herself in, confident, asks questions, very polite' - TV production
    • 'good work ethic, polite, reliable - excellent with children, used initiative' - primary school
    • 'really good at bookkeeping,, organised, persistent' - estate agents
    • 'super helpful' - music studio
    • 'a very sharp, quick thinking mind, independent' - theatre
    • 'enthusiastic, engaging, interested, pleasant and sociable' - charity work

    Parents commented as follows:

    • Respects us as parents more
    • Wants to work harder at school to get a secure career
    • Certainly gained self confidence in herself and raised her self-esteem
    • Wants to help more at home
    • Realises how important education is and has more respect for her teachers

    The kinds of skills employers said they valued were as follows:

    • Careful research
    • Seriousness
    • Being polite
    • Kindness
    • Asking if not sure
    • Planning activities and carrying them out effectively
    • Flexibility
    • Able to take instructions
    • Able to understand new software
    • Willing to learn
    • Always put the customer/patient/client first
    • High levels of motivation

    Ms Kennedy commented as follows:

    The response from students has been overwhelmingly positive - it’s a real pleasure to see students engaging with work in a practical and useful way.’

    ‘Students finding their own placements really encourages their independence and allows them to explore what interests them most. Hearing all their stories was wonderful - they seemed to have learned a lot.’



    Our Y10 students usually get the chance to have two weeks of work experience during their summer term.

    This year, of course, things were very different because of COVID-19. 

    However, many students made really good use of their time, continuing their learning online, practising life skills and making good use of their technology skills to keep in touch with each other and their families.

    Our Senior Learning Mentor and Work Experience Co-ordinator, Ms Kennedy, spoke with many of the students during the summer (remotely), encouraging them to keep occupied and try different kinds of things at home.  Ms Kennedy said that many of the students felt it was sad to be missing out on the external work experience they may have had, but being in lockdown gave them the opportunity to learn many other things like cooking, gardening, dress making, jam making, food shopping on a tight budget – all valuable life skills.  Many students also saw how hard their parents/carers worked to provide for them and keep them safe, bringing them closer.  It also made them realise how much they actually loved school life and missed the interaction it brings.

    Our students have had to rise to many challenges this year in unprecedented circumstances.  We are very proud of how they have responded to those challenges.