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    Aims, Vision and Values


    Camden School for Girls is a comprehensive school that provides an excellent education for all its students. We are determined to make learning enjoyable, interesting and stimulating so that all our students reach their full potential. 


    We are ambitious for every young person in our school, and our commitment to their success is combined with very strong pastoral work to make sure that students feel happy, safe and supported at all times. We enable our students to find their own voices and develop their own opinions by encouraging a broad understanding of the world, a social conscience and a considerate approach to other people. Every student is valued, and we encourage all students to value other people as well. Our aim is to nurture caring, confident, responsible and mature young adults who are ready to go on to the next stage of their education.

    Aims of the school

    Camden was founded as a school for girls in 1871 by Frances Mary Buss, one of the great pioneers of women's education. The school therefore has a long tradition of promoting opportunities for girls. The main school admits girls and has a comprehensive intake. At sixth form level the school has specific GCSE entry requirements and also admits boys. The school attempts to create a social and physical environment which combines security and care with challenge, stimulus and the highest expectations, where staff and pupils work together with the understanding and support of parents/carers.

    It is the policy of Governors to sustain and to promote the school’s ethos, heritage and philosophy within the contexts of public policy, social trends and educational need, ensuring that it can adapt to and meet future challenges.

    The aims of the school are to:

    • maintain and develop the school's tradition of providing the highest quality of education
    • offer equality of opportunity and care to all pupils whatever their race, gender, class, creed or special needs
    • promote a sense of environmental and social responsibility
    • develop individual talents to the full
    • nurture confidence and a sense of self-worth
    • encourage co-operation and an ability to work with others
    • develop independence of thought
    • help students to value education and enjoy learning
    • practise tolerance and open mindedness
    • show consideration for others and respect their diverse qualities and needs
    • foster a supportive environment where staff are valued, motivated and fulfilled
    • be a positive presence within the wider community