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    Reading in lockdown

    Information from our librarian

    There are numerous research findings from all around the world that have shown that reading for pleasure at home correlates highly with academic success in all subjects, even maths.  Reading fiction books is particularly important as it also develops empathy and emotional intelligence.

    At CSG Year 7 and Year 8 have a reading lesson as part of their English curriculum.  During this time staff monitor individual reading and encourage a regular reading at home.   In Year 7, this is done via an awards scheme.  In Year 8 via guided reading that links in with the work students are doing in their other English lessons.

    During lockdown I have been trying to keep the reading lesson alive for both Year 7 and 8.   Without access to the thousands of books we have in the school library, this is a considerable challenge.   After a month in lockdown many students have now exhausted the supply of books they have at home.  So here are some suggestions for acquiring new titles.

    Physical Books

    Camden Public Libraries are offering a click and collect service from Kentish Town, Highgate, Swiss Cottage and West Hampstead libraries. You cannot enter the library but you can select books online and then go and collect them from the door.

    If you wish to buy books and get them delivered, there are numerous online bookshops.  A good choice is Hive which supports local bookshops and gives you the opportunity to collect your purchase free as well as offering good discounts.

    Locally, the Owl Bookshop is offering both a click and collect and a delivery service.


    Please be aware there are many internet sites where you can access free ebooks illegally. Not only are you depriving authors, publishers and booksellers of their livelihood by using them but you also risk infecting your computer with viruses.

    Camden Public Libraries also is a fantastic source of free ebooks.  The system works in a similar way to borrowing physical books only you do not have to leave your computer!  You click on the title you wish to borrow, type in the number of your library card and download the book.  Loans automatically expire at the end of the borrowing period.  This means you lose access to the book.  It also means you do not have to remember to return the book and there are no fines!

    If you do not have a library card, you can also sign up for one via this link. Please note that all young people who attend a school in Camden are entitled to join, not just those who live in Camden.  Parents must apply on behalf of their children.

    Project Gutenberg is a large legal library of free ebooks.  All the books are “out of copyright”.  This means that they are mostly older books including all the world’s classics. You can download books in a wide range of formats e.g. kindle, PDF.  You can also read online

    Happy Reading,

    Ms Green