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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: Farewell to Y11 and Y13, Main School Elections

    Farewell to Year Thirteen and Year Eleven

    Next week, our year eleven and year thirteen students will complete their assessments for the GCSE and A level qualifications. We’re holding our celebration with Year Thirteen this afternoon, and we will enjoy the Year Eleven Leavers’ Lunch next Friday. Students in these year groups have been through a very disrupted and difficult period in their crucial qualification years, and even now, when we are all back in school, life is far from normal.

    Teachers have been very impressed by our students’ ability to take ownership of their learning during this time, and, while recognising the additional pressure this places on them, I hope this experience has shown them what strong reserves of resilience and self-reliance they have. 

    In addition, we feel that the year groups have bonded with each other especially closely as they live in their bubbles together during the school day, and rely on each other for support through the particular shared experience they have had of the last two academic years. I have been really impressed by the emotional support they have given each other.

    So, as their time here draws to an end we wish all our leavers every success and happiness in the future, and hope that they have very happy memories of their time here.


    Main School Head Girl Team

    Election campaigning is underway in the main school for our new Head Girl Team. It isn’t easy to get your message across when you’re in a year group bubble every day, but our students have been as inventive as ever by using mini posters, collages and memorable slogans in their communications with the electorate. Good luck, and we look forward to celebrating the announcement of our new team shortly.

    Elizabeth Kitcatt