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    Parents' Forum, Book Fair plus more....



    ENORMOUS JUMBLE SALE - Thank you and Congratulations!

    Our fabulous annual Jumble Sale was a great success - so a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped - by donating things to sell, making cakes, setting up, selling and clearing up - and of course the organising team and particularly Mary and Annette. It was a great event with a great atmosphere - lively, bustling with lots of fun and lots of people, and some fantastic bargains. You'll be delighted to hear that it raised a truly spectacular £7,137 for the school, with more still to come! A huge CASCA thanks to everyone - please see our very long list of names at the end.




    PARENTS' FORUM – Sex and the Smartphone Generation: How to Talk Openly with Teenagers

    Tuesday 28 November 2017, 7pm - 8.30pm (bar from 6.30pm) - a panel discussion for parents


    Today’s kids are navigating pressures from social media, sexting and readily accessible porn that we as parents never had to contend with at their age – and (unbelievable as it may sound) they look to us as a kind of moral compass. The best way to shore up their resilience is by being as open as possible, and by talking with them early and often. But having the conversation doesn’t always come easily. We have a great panel line-up for CSG parents on this topical issue, so make a date with your diary and come along to be part of the conversation, so you can spark your own conversation at home! See the poster for more details.



    CHRISTMAS BOOK FAIR - Saturday 9 December, 1pm - 4pm - HELP NEEDED

    Our annual Book Fair is on Saturday 9 December - there'll be 1000s of brand new books for sale at just 25% of cover price - novels, histories, memoirs, YA novels, science books, self-help, biographies and more. Great Christmas presents for all! You'll be able to linger at the CASCA Café-Lounge, which will offer a serene and well-lit space to read in, with Shiatsu massage, cake and wine. Our brilliant raffle will also have dazzling prizes - meals for two, teas for two, a new model Kindle, a Brora blanket.....and much more.


    Of course, we'll also need HELP to make this a fabulous CASCA event......

    New and second-hand books please!  Although many of the books are generously supplied by a publisher, we'd love other donations of brand-new and second-hand books too, particularly collector's items and good-as-new books.  Parent authors - if you'd like to donate some signed copies of your book to sell, we'd be delighted! Please drop any books to Susan Green in the School Library.

    Cakes and mince-pies to sell. The BEST HOME-MADE CAKE will win a free book of your choice! Camden Bakers, we really need your creative skills to help make the cafe-lounge a fabulous place to hang out and indulge.  We'll also need lots of shop-bought mince pies, as usual.



    Help to SET OUT books on Friday afternoon, 8 December - and get first pick of the books! Please email Marina Benjamin to volunteer: marinabenjamin52@gmailcom

    Help at the Book Fair - on Saturday 9 December, afternoon - to sell the books and our lovely new book bags - please email Marina as above.

    Help with the CAFE-LOUNGE - set up on late Saturday morning, bake delicious cakes, or help to run the cafe - to make it the best CASCA Café-Lounge ever. Lamp-lit, cake-filled and with the famous CASCA bar to hand.  Please email Jenny if you'd like to help with the cafe:

    Volunteer drivers to take unsold books to Oxfam at the end of the afternoon. Please email Susan Green:


    Watch out for more information on our new LIMITED EDITION BOOK BAGS - specially designed for the Book Fair and exclusive to Camden School for Girls. If you can help with local publicity by distributing flyers in local cafes and shops, we'll have some hard copies available at the school shortly. All money raised will support the students at the school.



    DRAMSTOCK! - Friday 26 January 2018

    Following the first fabulous success, we'll be holding another Dramstock! We'll need parent bands, including some dance-y ones, so we'd love to hear soon if you're in a band and would like to play. Please email Royston on


    EASYFUNDRAISING - Raise Money for Camden School for Girls When you Shop Online

    One of the easiest ways to raise funds to support the school is by signing up to Easyfundraising - the school receives a free donation when you shop online with a huge range of over 3,000 retailers - including for example Amazon, Argos, Boden, British Museum, Expedia, Go Ape, John Lewis, London Zoo, M&S, Rymans, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Thorpe Park and many, many more. Sign up before you start any online shopping for Christmas and make it a double present. You can also set up a reminder on your computer so that it prompts you every time you are shopping with an Easyfundraising supporter. Last year, our Easyfundraisers raised almost £700 for the school. Every little helps!

    Follow the link for more details and easy sign-up:


    MORE@MORO - Final call for prize winners!

    The winners of the Urban Calm Teen Yoga voucher (B1) and the lovely holiday home in Languedoc (C6) haven't yet claimed their lovely prizes. If you hold the voucher you received on the night, please email Imogen at:



    Mary, Annette, Penny and Imogen who collectively brought the whole thing together, Lucy, Harriet and Maia, our cowboy money dispensers and collectors; Lynda, Jane, Roqeyah and Elizabeth, our dedicated counting team; Gary Doyland, Andy Stevens, Steve Busfield and all the dads who stepped up to the challenge to help with security and on the door - Francois, Vania, Alex, Reg, James, Niall, Kristian, Steve, Chris, Stephen, Meryric, Paul, Rob, Nick, Mathew, Johnny, Iqbal, Edward, Adam, Julian, Derek, Johnny and Russel; Jackie, Lynn, Elaine, Karen, Jenny and Kathy who helped with all the jumble, publicity and communications, for all their support behind the scenes and at the event; Peter, Tony and Don for their invaluable help and cheerful support; Kate C, Kate R, Tara and Rider our amazing tea team and everyone who made the delicious cakes - very yummy!; Deirdre Toman and the food tech department; Colette and Nadine who brought in sandwiches and snacks for all the helpers; Susan Green and the books team;  Magan, Zoe and all the students who helped out; Nicky Darby who slogged tirelessly keeping the jumble tidy; and everyone, yes everyone (there were lots of you!), who helped with the event - by coming along Friday afternoon and Saturday morning to set up, or as part of the show, as a great selling (and haggling!) well as those who battled on to the end clearing up. Mums, dads, carers, school staff, governors and others, in no particular order….Stephanie, Pricilla, Kate, Anna, Jessica, Vinci, Julia, Vinci, Dorit, Gaia, Ruth, Kate, Nicky, Julia, Tanya, Alison, Carmen, Sonia, Vinci, Katherine, Joanna, Barbara, Catherine, Mick, Midge, Laurie, Jane, James, Sarah, Ginny, Stephen, Clare, Alice, Catherine, Esther, Jenny, Salina, Tanya, Natalya, Tonia, Zorica, Marta, Debbie, Helen, Carolne, Zoe, Louise, Viosa, Lindsay, Emma, Laurel, Sarah and Russel and more....

    And last, but by no means least, everyone who donated the amazing jumble, as well as those who came along and bought things, to make all the money for the school.  THANK YOU!

    Best wishes, and we hope to see you at an event soon!


    CASCA team
    Greg, Imogen, Barbara, Anna, Maia and Harriet