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    Partnership Grant from the Royal Society – The Air We Breathe

    We are extremely fortunate to have secured a partnership grant from The Royal Society to run an ambitious research project called The Air We Breathe.

    Students from both the main school and sixth form will comprehensively explore the science of air pollution using a variety of scientific disciplines. Headed by a team of Y13 students, they will carry out extensive research and apply it to our school environment.

    This will include monitoring the pollutants nitrogen dioxide and ozone in relation to the daily activities of students throughout the school year. Student researchers will also be considering the chemistry and biochemistry of air pollutants and investigating how lichen may act as bioindicators.

    The school is very lucky to be able to call on the advice and help of our STEM partner in the project, Bio Nano Consulting. They will provide participants with a greater understanding of how chemical sensors work as well as engaging the students with recent research into sustainable cities of the future and associated methods for keeping the air as clean as possible.


    Once the project is finished, the team will be writing and publishing a detailed and extensive report that will be fed back to The Royal Society. The project will run from 3rd October 2016 until 3rd July 2017.


    Mr Flynn – October 2016


    The Air We Breathe blog is now live! (November 2016)

    The Air We Breathe is a STEM research project examining air pollution in and round the school's environment and is funded by a partnership grant from The Royal Society. To stay informed of the research team's progress and findings, please follow their blog: