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    Year 9

    Course Description

    Coastlines:  Students study the coastlines around Britain, why and how they are changing so rapidly and what impact people have on them.  They will understand the variety of coastal management techniques and the compromises that are needed when adopting any of them.  A key element will be to use ICT as part of the teaching.

    Earthquakes and Volcanoes:  Students study the location and relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes, where they occur and how they happen and the impact they have on the communities that live near them.

    Inequalities: In the summer term students begin the material which forms part of the GCSE course.  They will consider the nature of inequalities in geography and how by many measures inequalities are on the rise.  We ask the extent to which this matters and link it to growing debates on rising inequalities resulting from globalisation.  Our work takes place at the global scale (eg disparities in life expectancy), and the national scale (eg the North South Divide in the UK), and at the local scale (differences in quality of life in Camden).  The students will go on a day trip to the King’s Cross regeneration site and look at the effects of the scheme on the area.  They will end by having learned enough to answer a real GCSE examination question.

    In the different modules attention is drawn to mapwork using both atlases and OS maps.