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    Year 8

    For students studying Geography in Year 8 we look at the Earth as a series of dynamic systems. During the year we will study four main systems:

    1. Population: By the end of the module students should be able to understand the following opinions, although they may not agree with them.

    • That to conserve the world’s resources, population growth must be arrested.
    • That the world’s resources are not just threatened by population growth in southern countries, but also by high levels of consumption in the northern countries.
    • That education and a higher standard of living play an important part in reducing population growth.
    • That government policies can often cause large problems.

    2. Our Weather System: We look at the atmosphere and how it influences the weather that we have to live through. You will carry out a weather investigation and learn how to record the weather for two weeks.

    3. The Earth’s Ecosystem: The emphasis is placed on environmental destruction and conservation schemes. We will use a wide variety of data to enable the pupils to gain maximum geographical understanding. Although examples will be taken from a local, national and global perspective we will mainly use British locations and a rapidly growing economy such as Brazil, to illustrate the key ideas.

    4. The River System: Rivers are an important part of the Hydrological cycle – a system in itself. We study the physical features and have a day’s fieldwork measuring the River Bulbourne in Hertfordshire. This is an exciting day’s fieldwork working in the river.

    In addition, we also spend some time looking at and developing the map skills necessary to use the ordnance survey maps.