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    Year 7

    In Year 7 students follow four broad modules. 

    The first module is about Geography itself, what it means and the key three concepts that underlie everything we teach:

    • Physical Geography
    • Human Geography
    • Environmental Geography

    We follow the old industrial trail around Camden as part of the local fieldwork in the area around the school.

    The second module looks at Economic Geography, with its emphasis on Farming in Britain and other parts of the world and the impact that has on the ecosystem. We then look at Industry, its location and how it affects the areas it locates in towns and cities.

    In the spring term students will conduct a comparative study of Africa and India, looking at both physical and human aspects.

    The final module of work concentrates on the Docklands area of London, in particular how the area has been redeveloped. We will be including a fieldwork day trip to Docklands which will enable students to use their key skills that they have been developing throughout the year. They will have to make a presentation utilising those skills to the whole geography teaching staff.