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    Headteacher's Commendations

    Congratulations to the following girls who received Headteacher Special Commendations this term. The following were for work in curriculum subjects, either for one specific achievement or for consistent effort during the term:

    Community Spirit Commendations:

    • Zahra 8C - Great help at open evening
    • Josephine 8T - Excellent contributions to open evening
    • Kitty 9T - Exceptional effort on the Latin Memrise competition, with a  score of over 278,000 points in 30 days
    • Nina 11C - Excellent effort for helping out every week at science
    • Sylvie 11C - For being a supportive and friendly member of the form.  The effort Sylvie continues to put into all her subjects and the school is still impressive (in Year 11!)  Sylvie excels with her arts and is a great all-rounder, in and outside of school
    • Halle 11R - Halle is an extremely positive and engaging student - her warmth and cheerful outlook have a good effect on form time, promoting a purposeful and inclusive atmosphere.  Halle also gives a lot of her time to the wider school community - organising keep fit classes and giving 100% to her head girl team duties, including organising the year book and black history month
    • Sade 11M - Sade is a caring, supportive and cheerful member of the form.  Always positive and resilient, Sade is working extremely hard and is involved in so many activities in the school as part of the head girl team - well done Sade!
    • Abigail 11T - Abby is a really thoughtful, considerate, kind and supportive member of the form.  She is hardworking, well-motivated and willing to take time to be helpful to others.  Her positive attitude is a real asset to the form and she is doing a great job of helping her peers create lasting memories with her contributions to the year book!


    Jack Petchey Award Winners:

    Louise 7R - Louise is a school council rep and has joined several sports clubs. She encourages others in her form to join with her. She has gone out of her way to make friends with students who have found the transition to secondary school difficult. Since starting CSG Louise also ensures she greets and interacts with the Reception staff on a daily basis putting a smile on their faces.

    Emma 8M - Emma has been an enthusiastic and positive member of the CSG community since she started in Year 7 and always has a smile on her face. She consistently works hard, modelling excellent behaviour both in and out of lessons. She goes out of her way to be polite and friendly towards all students as well as all members of staff, not just her teachers. Emma is a PE ambassador for the second year running and an excellent role model for her peers, the head of PE has said that "she goes above and beyond what's expected as a PE Ambassador, and also shows great maturity in the role and during lessons".

    Biba 10C - Biba has made a big contribution to school life, a dedicated team player and participates in numerous school activities including Brass band, Dance Company, Art, History, Orchestra, Choir & Further Maths. She works hard in class and is always supportive to her friends. She has made new students feel welcome and is a friendly face in the school to all students in all year groups.