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    Extra Curricular

    Extra-curricular clubs are offered every day.

    • Lunchtime: 12.45 - 1.15pm
    • After school: anywhere between 3.00 - 4.30pm (4pm on Wednesdays) 

    Follow the link to see the current timetable.

    We take part in a number of different competitions, many through the borough and across London. We also try to arrange as many friendly fixtures as possible. Competitions include:

     Athletics Camden schools competition (years 7-13)
    Camden Shield competition
     Badminton Camden Shield competition
     Basketball Camden Shield League (Sept-Dec) years 7-11
    Dodgeball Camden Shield competitions (years 7-11)
     Cross country Camden schools competition (years 7-11)
    London schools competition (years 8-13)

    CSG Dance Show
    Camden Schools Dance Festival (Dance Company)


    Camden Shield League (years 7-9)
    Arsenal ‘Gappers’ competition (years 7&8)
    Arsenal Premiere League competition (years 7&8)

     Netball Camden Shield competition (Years 7-9)
     Rounders Camden Shield competitions (Years 7-11)

    There are also additional fixtures throughout the year which are advertised to parents through the Friday News.

    Pupils who participate in a number of extra-curricular clubs and activities are invited to attend the annual PE trip to Devon!             

    Inter Form Competitions

    Inter form competitions take place within KS3. Competitions include Football, Netball, Handball, Rounders and Dodgeball.

    Pupils participate for the pride to be the winners of each competition and in their form colours:

    • C=RED
    • M=GREEN
    • R=YELLOW 
    • T=BLUE
    Y7 Interform   Y8 Interform



     Every year the PE department take a number of year 8&9 pupils to Kelly College in Tavistock, Devon for a weekend of water, trees, mud and sleep deprivation…..but we love it!

    The weekend gives pupils the opportunity to experience a range of Outdoor Adventurous Activities,

    Highlights of the weekend include Bog Running, Biving, Abseiling and Climbling at Cheesering in Dartmoor, Kayaking and River Crossings.

    Details of this year’s trip will be published in the Friday News. Click on the picture above or go to Devon Trip page to see images from the trip.


    Camden Shield                   

    The Camden Shield is the home of competitive secondary school sport in the Borough of Camden. Every year, since its creation in 2011, schools across Camden compete in a number of sports in a bid to win the Camden Shield. There are separate competitions for boys and girls, where schools are ranked after their performance in each sport. A running total is kept throughout the season and at the end of a school year one school is crowned Camden Shield winners.

    Our teams are selected from students who regularly participate in the clubs for the relevant sports, with different teams for each year group. Results and overall standings are available in the Friday News every half term.

    In recent years a number of our students have also been selected to represent the Borough of Camden in the London Youth Games for: Tag Rugby, Handball, Netball, Table Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Tennis, Football, Indoor Rowing, Athletics, Cricket and Sailing.