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    Exam Results 2022

    GCSE Results

    I would like to wholeheartedly congratulate all our Year 11 students on their incredible GCSE grades this year.

    The class of 2022 has overcome enormous challenges throughout their GCSE study, from lockdowns and remote learning to absences of both teachers and students due to Covid. With increasing pressures on mental health during the pandemic, we are hugely proud of all our students, of their resilience and tenacity, and the incredible results that they have achieved:

    • Grades 9-7: 59% (Nationally: 26%)
    • Grades 9-5: 88% (Nationally: 58%)
    • Grades 9-4: 95% (Nationally: 73%)

    Attainment of the top grades is at a record high, with 23% of all grades at a Grade 9 (7% Nationally). This bucks the national trend yet again, as we did for the A level grades and is the highest in 5 years, including teacher and centre assessed grades.
    9 students achieved eight or more Grade 9s. 30 students achieved eight or more Grades 9-8.

    There are incredible individual successes at every level, with so many students achieving the grades they need to progress to destinations of their choice. We are incredibly proud of all our students.

    None of this would be possible without the tireless work and commitment of the teachers and school staff who have worked under enormous pressure and challenging circumstances to educate, support and champion every student. I would like to thank families for their unrelenting support of our young people and show my appreciation for the many messages of thanks we have received.

    Congratulations to all!

    Kateryna Law

    A Level Results 

    I would like to warmly congratulate all our A level students for a stunning set of results this year!

    I am delighted to announce an exceptional set of results, despite the challenges faced by this year group, who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.  The results are a record high and the highest in the last 3 examination years:

    • Percentage A*            27%   (National 15%)
    • Percentage A* - A      55%   (National 36 %)
    • Percentage A* - B      82%   (National 62%) 

    The proportion of students achieving the highest grades is bucking the national trend and our percentage of A*s is the highest in 5 years, almost doubling our own A*s in 2019. 
    In addition, we have:

    • 26 students achieving straight A* grades
    • 93 students achieving straight A* - A grades.

    We are delighted that the majority of our students have secured their first choice places at an array of impressive institutions, including 19 of our students who are going on to study at Oxford or Cambridge. In addition, an extraordinary number of students, 22 in total, are going on to prestigious Art Schools, including Central St Martins and Camberwell. Many others have successfully secured university places and vocational courses that they were hoping to pursue.

    We are incredibly proud of all of our students, who have remained resolute, committed and resilient in the face of so many challenges in their school career as a result of the pandemic. 

    I would like formally to recognise and celebrate the tireless work of the teachers and school staff who have gone above and beyond to ensure that the incredibly high-quality education continues here at Camden School for Girls. I would also like to thank families for the support they have provided for our young people and the school.

    Congratulations to all!

    Kateryna Law