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    Exam Results 2016


     Excellent GCSE results in 2016

    Year 11 students have achieved an outstanding set of examination results.

    • 79% achieved five or more A* - C grades including English and mathematics
    • 61% achieved the English Baccalaureate – a record high for the school
    • 82% achieved five or more A* - C grades in five or more GCSE subjects

    We are particularly delighted with the following outcomes for our students:

    46% of all results were graded at the highest level - A* - A.

    Our students worked especially hard to achieve top grades, not simply to achieve a GCSE result.

    • 71% of all results were A* - B grades, reflecting the ambition and high aspirations of our students
    • 87% of all results were A* - C grades, opening up a wide range of opportunities post-16
    • 79% of students achieved A*- C in both English and Mathematics, with 86% A*- C in English and 83% A*- C in Mathematics.

    These grades are vital for many post 16 options.

    Of the students who took triple science: 88% achieved A* - B in Biology; 80% achieved A* - B in Chemistry and 92% achieved A* - B in physics.

    94% of students in English, and 90% in Mathematics made expected or more than expected progress.

    Individual successes:
    A total of 16 students achieved only A* - A grades across all their subjects. Two students achieved exclusively A* grades.

    I am delighted with these outstanding results. They are well-deserved by an extremely hard-working set of students, and they were exceptionally well-supported by the excellent teaching staff.


    This is a school in which even the most vulnerable students and those with Statements of Special Educational Need can thrive and achieve to the best of their ability.
    This was a particularly challenging year group for the school to support, with 12.6% SEN students and 42% disadvantaged students. Five students had statements of very significant and complex Special Educational Need. These students have achieved wonderful results and are all well-equipped for the next stage in their education.

    Elizabeth Kitcatt

    Chair of Governors Janet Pope congratulated the school:
    ‘We are absolutely delighted that our girls continue to show how hard work, great teachers and supportive parents can produce such outstanding results. And what’s really remarkable this year is that results in English and Mathematics, which are required for students’ next steps in education, are both so strong.’


    Another outstanding set of A level results in 2016

    • 41% of all grades are A* - A
    • 76% of all grades at A* - B
    • 93% of all grades at A*-C

    I am delighted to announce that students have achieved an excellent set of A level examination results. Once again, our sixth form students have out-performed students nationally by a very significant margin.

    • Percentage A*                                  13%        (National 8.2%)
    • Percentage A* - A                            41%        (National 25.9%)
    • Percentage A* - B                            75%        (National 52.8%)                
    • Percentage A* - C                            93%        (National 77.3%)


    In addition, we are delighted with the following statistics:

    • Students with 3+ A*                           7
    • Students with 3+ A* - A                     37
    • Students with 3+ A* - B                     117        


    17 students celebrate Cambridge, Oxford and medical school success.    

    - We are thrilled that 15 students have won places at Cambridge or Oxford
    A further 2 students are taking up places in prestigious universities to study medicine.

    Exceptional grades achieved in the sixth form’s most popular subjects, English, Mathematics and History.

    Very strong performance across ‘facilitating subjects’.

    With 98 students, English Literature is the school’s most popular subject, and we’re thrilled to see 93% achieving A* - B grades here. Mathematics is the second most popular, with 77 Year 13s taking it through to A level, and gaining stunning results with 81% at A*-B grades. A record number of students took Further Mathematics (13) and 85% achieved A*-B grades. The subject with the third highest number of entries (63) is history, and we’re delighted that 90% scored A*-B grades here.


    Students have come away with very high grades in geography (85% A*-B), French (89% A* - B), and Latin (80% A*-B). The subjects mentioned above are all ‘facilitating subjects’, and are highly prized for university entry.


    Also performing exceptionally well is drama, with a fabulous 100% achieving A*-B grades and philosophy at 83% A* - B grades.


    These are exceptionally strong results, reflecting extremely hard work by students and teachers, and consistent support from parents. Our students are ambitious and determined to achieve to the best of their ability, and these grades demonstrate that their effort and dedication over challenging two year courses have been worthwhile.

    This was a very committed year group, with a strong interest in performance, politics and social action. They were superb role models for our younger students and will inspire them to work hard and be as aspirational as they have been! We wish them every success and happiness in their future education and careers.

    We have a very diverse sixth form, with 24% of our students speaking English as an additional language, and 16% having Special Educational Needs. 9% are eligible for Free School Meals.

    Congratulations to all!

    Elizabeth Kitcatt