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    Camden's Compass


    Everyone is different but we all should have the same chances

    C Communities work when there is a calm, safe and tolerant atmosphere. Please understand that bullying whether verbal or physical against any member of our community is not tolerated.
    O Objectionable and rude behaviour shown to any member of our community, including visitors, is a serious breach of our code and is not tolerated. We do not wear a uniform but we do wear appropriate clothing for activities in school.
    M Manage your own behaviour and have your own goals. Speak out for fairness and be independent. If you feel that there has been an injustice - discuss it with your tutor or go to the girls in the S.O.S. We must all realise and understand that smoking and taking drugs is forbidden and strong sanctions will be applied if this rule is broken.
    P Please take pride in our environment. If you use the dining room, you must clear up after yourself. Do not graffiti or leave litter. If asked to help tidy up - do so with a smile not a scowl! Chewing gum gets on clothes and furnishings and is not allowed in school.
    A All of us are entitled to hold a view point and be listened to in class in a quiet and respectful way. We should show courtesy by arriving on time to all lessons and having the correct equipment and kit with us.
    S Subject learning is a priority so we should keep to seating plans and follow all teacher instructions. It should be clear to us all that disruption to our lessons holds back our opportunities. Mobile phones should not be seen or heard in lessons as they cause disruption. They should not be used on the stairs or in the corridors as you could have an accident when not paying attention.
    S Special talents should be celebrated. If you have good ideas – share them. If you have exceptional skills – display them, you deserve our congratulations.


    Towards Better Behaviour in Our Community