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    Mathematical Physics and Quantum Mechanics Talk to Y8

    On Thursday 27 June 2019 Eva-Maria Graefe, reader in Mathematical Physics at Imperial College London, came to school to give a talk to all 120 Year 8 students.

    She said that she had always loved maths as a child so went on to study mathematical physics at university then did a PhD in Quantum Mechanics. This is a field in which you have to invent new maths to solve physical problems which she really enjoys. She talked about Newton's classical physics and the birth of quantum mechanics in the late 19th century. She mentioned that in quantum technology electrons power electronic devices such as mobile phones.  Eva-Maria told students about the existence of imaginary numbers, such as the square root of -1 denoted as i. They were invented as a trick to solve equations by Cadano in 1545.

    Students listened well and many asked interesting questions about Eva-Maria's career and field. They discovered there is so much more to maths than the things taught in the classroom and they were inspired to pursue a career in maths-related fields in future.

    Thank you Eva-Maria!

    Ms L Ghorbannejad
    Maths Department