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    Y7 Trip to the British Museum

    Two weeks ago, we went on a trip to the British Museum.

    We visited five Maths-related galleries in our groups of twelve students. Throughout the day, we were assigned different tasks for each gallery. Our favourite gallery was the Money Gallery, where we learnt about the origins and history of money. We also learnt about different currencies and the differences between money then and now.

    In each gallery, we built up our knowledge on Maths which will contribute to our future mathematical endeavours. We think that this trip was a great learning experience because we found there is more to Maths than what we learn in the classroom. We discovered Maths in a historical context and how it was used to solve problems and for construction in ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece and the Middle East.

    Thank you to Miss Ghorbannejad and all the teachers in the Maths department who took us on the trip.

    Isla, Lamia and Isobel