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    Healthy Eating Week 10 - 14 June 2019

    Camden School for Girls is participating in the annual Healthy Eating Week led by the British Nutrition Foundation which is taking place this year between the 10th and 14th June.

    We have produced a new meat free menu for the week to encourage a healthier diet and illustrate how we can all reduce our meat intake whilst still enjoying tasty food. The canteen will also only be selling meat free sandwiches and pasta toppings for the week.  As usual we will have water, milk and small cartons of fruit juice on offer to drink with the meals supplied.

    As the school community is committed to a reduction in their environmental impact on the planet, the promotion of meat free meals is a useful reminder of the small steps we can all take towards this end. We would also encourage students to use their refillable water bottles at school rather than buying bottled water.