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    Y7 DT Trip to the Skip Garden Kings Cross

    'Last Tuesday, a class of Y7s went on a fantastic trip to the Skip Garden in Kings Cross and enjoyed looking at, smelling, planting and eating some plants.

    First we were told about the garden and how it works and then we were given a tour. In the Skip Garden we were shown lots of (you guessed it!) skips full of herbs, fruit trees and vegetables. We also saw a wormery (a fine compost bin) full of tiger worms, which according to the gardeners, are the best for breaking down food.

    Next, we did some planting, bulb tying and weed plaiting. We got our hands very muddy but lots of people said afterwards that it felt good to get to touch the soil! (Did you know that touching plants and soil actually releases endorphins?!) During and after we were gardening one of the gardeners came around with some vegetables and herbs to try. We tried some broccoli, fennel and peas freshly picked (literally we saw her picking them off the plants!) and many people said they enjoyed them but some hated the taste!

    After that we went inside and asked the gardeners some questions about how to look after our own mini garden (behind the DT rooms), like when to plant and harvest, how to get a compost bin and why some of the plants were wilting. Overall I think everyone enjoyed the trip and learnt a lot about gardening and the Skip Garden.' Zoe Y7

    'We got a tour of all the skips which was very cool. You could go inside them and smell all the wonderful plants. It was really beautiful because lots of butterflies were swarming and drinking sweet nectar from flowers below the apple tree. Next we visited the wormery - fun fact, tiger worms are the best worms found in the UK for composting soil. The Skip Garden makes sure everyone who enters lends a helping hand toward the garden so as you can expect the next thing we did was weed the garden and plait the daffodils. It was really satisfying to get our hands dirty whilst pulling out old bulbs.' Cora Y7


    'Last Tuesday our year 7 D.T class was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the inspiring Skip Gardens in Kings Cross. When we first arrived we entered a lovely cosy glass shed and we sat on the stools in a circle and they introduced themselves and explained what the Skip Garden is and how it is only a small part of a huge mission run by Global Generation. The staff have really opened our eyes by showing that it is never too late to do the real job that you want.

    “A sustainable urban garden with a twist” as their slogan, the Skip Garden shows us that there is really no excuse to not be green as you can grow things just about anywhere, even a soilless roof! When we saw an apple tree growing in a skip and and a greenhouse made out of recycled windows The Skip Garden really blew our minds with their creativity and will to help the city kids and adults release the inner country.

    When we left the shed the staff took us around the gardens and we saw huge skips filled with flowers and plants oozing with fragrance and vibrant colours and bugs. The brave Camden girls tasted all sorts of greens. Next, we visited the compost and wormery; the compost was such a surprise as the heat in the compost bin was tremendous. The wormery was very educating as we learnt a lot about England’s past wildlife. At the end we gave a helping hand and pulled out the old bulbs. All us city kids definitely enjoyed getting our hands dirty and helping out.

    In conclusion, I absolutely loved our day out and would absolutely recommend it to any families, couples, kids or friends on a sunny weekend. The staff was totally welcoming and the plants and grounds are very well kept. All the plants are cared for lovingly and the cafe has scrumptious organic treats. Overall I think the Skip Garden school trip was a success.' Anna Y7