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    Anonymous Art Auction

    Thank you for all the bids so far.  There are still 3 weeks to go with a few late additions to the auction.

    All money raised will go towards school projects and help us ensure we can continue to offer a creative, exciting and broad programme to all our students. As well as supporting the arts this year we are focusing on improving our environment and sustainability including planting a green screen between the school and the traffic on Camden Road.


    Bidders base their choice purely on what they like as the identity of the artist is not revealed until the auction closes, when purchasers will discover whose work they have fallen in love with.  Here is a list of artists that have kindly donated work so far:

    Beatrice Baumgartner Cohen, Chris Bennett, Yvette Blumberg, Delyth Bolt, Sebastian Coates, Daniel Crawshaw, Kate Cullinan,  Edward Dill, Goldie Dill, Polly Farquharson, Lynda Farrell, Emma Gorman, Irene Graham, Vilte Grigaityte, Carla Groppi, Leanne Hagger, Maggi Hambling, Nicola Hepworth, Kelly Hill, Kanzani Humphries, Wendy Jacob, John Keane, Rachel Kneebone, Jillian Knipe, Michael Landy, Vaishali Londhe, Sarah Marshall, Jeff McMillan, Cornelia Parker, Amanda Ribbans, Hugh Ribbans, Sue Ribbans, Dorit Ronen, Philippa Schofield, Amy Sharrocks, Neil Smith, Jon Snow, Malena Stojic, Holly Turner, Gillian Williams-Hay and Christina Wilson.


    The auction concludes on Sunday 9 June at 4pm.