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    Count on us Maths Challenge 2019

    On Friday 26 April I took five students from year 9 to Hammersmith Academy to compete in the first round of the Count on Us Maths Challenge. This is a London wide competition which involves Number, Geometry and Algebra. It is highly competitive and Camden School for Girls were represented by a very enthusiastic, intelligent and quick group of girls. Here is what some of them have to say about the competition - Ms Al-zeer

    Last Friday, five girls (including myself) from year nine went to the annual Count On Us Secondary maths challenge run by the Mayor’s Fund for London and the Jack Petchey Foundation. We take part in a weekly puzzle club on Wednesdays (run by Ms Al-zeer) where we trained for the competition.  We prepared by playing the games that would be in the challenge to develop our problem-solving and mental arithmetic skills.

    We arrived at school at 8am and started our day by taking the bus, then the tube, to Hammersmith Academy where the event was held. Nine other schools took part. We played the game of hex, Grid lines (a geometry game) and the 24 game. We also did some code breaking and algebra. All of these tasks were very difficult.

    The task that I enjoyed the most was the 24 game. This game is fast paced and requires you to use your mental arithmetic skills. You are given four numbers and need to use different operations to make the number 24. This game is very competitive which is what makes it so fun.

    I am very grateful that I took part in such a wonderful maths challenge. It was an exciting experience and I hope to take part in more events like this one in the future.
    Biba 9C

    The competition was really fun. I’d never experienced that side of maths and I really enjoyed it, especially the code breaking activity where we had maps and had to figure out clues. The group aspect of that was what I enjoyed the most, it was tense but great at the same time and it was funny watching everyone run about to the various places where clues were collected. Overall it was a great day and we couldn’t have had a better teacher to take us to this event.
    Alice 9M

    Today five of us went to the Count on Us maths competition. We had been practising every Wednesday lunchtime and sometimes after school. We did many problem solving games and games that required mental arithmetic and quick thinking. My favourite game was the coding puzzle where we were given a set of clues to find out the answer. I enjoyed it because it made us work together and focus. I also enjoyed it because when we solved a clue the team became very happy and excited.
    Khadijah 9R