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    CSG’s Second First Aid Fortnight

    Week one - physical first aid - was launched in an assembly led by Ella, Nuria, Leah and Annabel (Y9) on the importance of learning first aid. In PSHEE later that day, the Y8’s and Y9’s learned about what to do in an emergency and the bystander effect and the Y10’s were trained in hands-only CPR.

    Registrations the rest of the week saw all year groups learning basic first aid techniques for seizures, extreme weather conditions and the use of public access defibrillators, and our team of over twenty CPR volunteers (Y9 and Y10) held CPR ‘save a life’ drop-in sessions at lunchtimes, training a further 111 students and teachers over just three days. All students in Years 7-9 have now been trained in full CPR and those in Y10-11 in hands-only CPR.



    Week two - mental health first aid - was launched by Fahmida, Rebecca (both Y11) and Ella (Y9) who gave an assembly on the normal ups and downs of mental health and the importance of seeking help if the downs become overwhelming. They reminded students of the wide range of books available in the library (fiction and non-fiction) covering mental health topics and Fahmida explained that the head girl team will be writing a Friday news piece around mental health every fortnight from now on.

    In registrations this week, the students took part in meditation and mindfulness activities as well as ‘just dance’ exercises and gratitude sessions. On Thursday lunchtime, students and teachers across the school contributed post-it ideas for managing mental health downs to our wall in reception which will be turned into a permanent display later this month.

    The fortnight was rounded off by a big red food sale at lunchtime. Students from all year groups contributed homemade meringues, cakes, red scones, apple pieces, cheeses and tomato skewers and the team were kept busy as the demand was high for the whole 50 minutes. We are delighted to say that we raised exactly £100 for the charity Hand on Heart to go towards another school receiving a defibrillator.

    A huge thank you to the team of volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the fortnight a success!

    Ms F Goldsmith