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    CASCA News

    A few important things....



    CASCA Events – Dates for your diary

    - CASCA Open Meeting: Wednesday 11 October 2017
    - More@Moro fundraising evening: Monday 16 October
    - Jumble Sale: Saturday 11 November 2017
    - Parents' Forum: Tuesday 28 November 2017
    - Book Fair: Saturday 9 December 20174
    - Dramstock!: Friday 26 January 2018 (yes, next term, but we're starting to plan and need parent bands, so we'd love to hear soon if you're in one!)




    Tickets for More@Moro sold out like hotcakes (Spanish ones, of course!) over the weekend - thank you to everyone who bought them. It promises to be a great evening! If you were slow off the mark and missed out, we have a reserve list - so please email Kelly Pawlyn to let her know: - No guarantees though! 



    JUMBLE SALE: Saturday 11 November - save the date and save your stuff...

    We are now on countdown to our spectacular annual Jumble Sale. It's a brilliant community event which raises much needed money for your school. Last year we raised an amazing £7,500.... and we're hoping to do even better this year.  It is hard work but great fun, and draws buyers from across Camden and beyond. You can help in a couple of ways: donating stuff to sell on the stalls and/or helping out with the event.



    If you're having a post-summer clear out, please put your stuff aside. It's a good opportunity to get your children to clear out their bedrooms too...Don't send any things in yet - we'll let you know via ParentMail when the school can take it (likely to be just before half-term).

    We'll need:
    - adult and children's clothing (no torn or soiled items please)
    - bags, shoes, scarves, belts etc
    - bric-a-brac
    - CDs, DVDs, Records
    - books & toys
    - electrical goods in good working order and furniture
    - yes, we know it's early to be thinking about it, but we'll also need Christmas decorations/cards and unwanted gifts for our Christmas stall



    We are going to need a great deal of help to run a great jumble sale. If you're able to help, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

    - Friday 10 November: set-up, 2pm - 6pm
    - Saturday 11 November: tidying up, 10am - 1pm
    - Saturday  11 November..... selling on stalls, 2pm to 4pm (arrival by 1.15pm)

    Please email Mary if you can help at any of these times:



    60 FOR 60

    The school building works are well underway, and your generous donations to 60 for 60 are already paying for some chairs, tables, benches, ceiling tiles and even some kitchen equipment. If you haven't donated, but would like to support the school in this important venture, you can do so via JustGiving and ParentPay.Please see the leaflet for more information. 



    Year 7 parents

    The CASCA team will be at the disco evening next week, so come and say hello to us. If you'd like to get involved - with the Jumble Sale or Book Fair, for example - we'd also like to hear from you. Many of you will have great experience and transferrable skills from your primary school parent days!

    Best wishes and we hope to see you at an event soon,


    CASCA team
    Greg, Imogen, Barbara, Anna, Maia and Harriet