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    Sixth Form Assembly Speaker

    11 September – Daniel Barker



    On Monday 11 September, ex-Camden student, Daniel Barker, came to speak at the sixth form assembly. He described his wealth of experiences and his journey through the music, acting, and entertainment world. After leaving Camden, he took a place at Bristol University, where he studied drama. It was during this time that he became interested in the technical side of entertainment and improved his video editing skills. After university, he initially found it hard to find work, but fortunately he was taken on as an intern at Grapple, working in app development. Although this was out of his comfort zone, it made him realise that taking on challenges such as this are extremely useful in gaining experience and developing new skills. The technical skills he’d taught himself in his free time at university, which he further developed at Grapple, provided just the right experience for him to be offered work by RudeTube, where he watched hundreds of hours of internet videos, trying to find the most entertaining ones to be included in the TV programme.



    His eclectic career then took another turn. Daniel’s interest in music and his electronic compositions which he uploaded on social media; one such video received five thousand views in two days, and he gained the attention of various music studios, wanting him to work for them. From here, he accepted a job at EMI as a music producer, but he soon realised he did not want to be working for a major institutions so took a risk and  bought himself a camera. This was a huge milestone in his career, as it allowed him to begin making satirical videos under the guise of different personas, one of which was a caricature of someone working in the music industry.

    Daniel has been working as a comedy actor for the last five years, doing live gigs as well as writing and filming short sketches for ‘Alongside’ his YouTube channel, Damien Slash, which now has over 12,000 subscribers. He says that his YouTube channel, where he posts all his satirical sketches, has proved very useful in gaining attention and was key in boosting his career in voice-over acting and comedy to the point it is at now.

    The lesson learnt from this assembly is that you shouldn’t be afraid to walk into the unknown. There is enough time to be many things, and exploring multiple paths in life allows you to grow your experience and your character.


    Sixth Form Head Boy