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    Sixth Form Assembly Speaker

    7 September – Georgia Gould



    On the 7 of September, the Labour politician and current leader of Camden council, Georgia Gould, discussed with us her journey into the political sphere and some of the obstacles she encountered along the way in the face of the media.


    As a former Camden girl, Gould highlighted how Camden as a school helped her to form her acute passion for politics and went on to stress how important it is for young people today to become actively involved in politics and become members of parties.  Gould’s talk ranged over many topics from the Grenfell fire incident, informing us of the action Camden council has since taken to ensure the safety of thousands living in similar blocks, to her opinions on Jeremy Corbyn and the current Tory government. She also spoke about the importance of women entering the political arena and how, as a very young woman in a field still dominated by men, she has in the past when attending a meeting, been mistaken for an intern!


    The Q& A session was very vibrant with lots of students asking questions about a range of things such as: would the residents of the evacuated flats have more of a say in the maintenance of their homes; is Jeremy Corbyn a viable leader for the Labour party and what inspired her to enter politics.



    It was a very informative assembly and very inspiring to know that an ex-Camden girl had gone on to be so successful in her career.

    Sixth Form Head Girl