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    Year 8 at the British Museum

    Last week, the whole of year 8 got on the bus and whizzed down to the British Museum to look at the UK's finest Greek and Roman collections.

    In particular, they were investigating Greek vase painting. They had already learnt about various Greek heroes that were commonly depicted on vases (like Hercules and Achilles), as well as learning about some important techniques such as black-figure and red-figure painting. They used these analytical skills to investigate how heroes were depicted and what made them so heroic - was it their stance and bulging muscles? Was it their fearsome opponents and great deeds? Or was it simply because so many people had painted them on a pot, allowing them a kind of immortality?

    A fun morning out was had by all, with the addition of ice creams to help us cool down.

    Hercules wrestles the Nemean Lion, with his patron Athena and his nephew Iolaus looking on. Athena is depicted looking rather like a judge in a wrestling contest, holding the stick ready to intervene. Iolaus is helpfully holding Hercules' knotted club.

    Mr Bateson
    Head of Classics