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    Girls’ Football Club with Arsenal Football Coach

    Our students have flourished in their football club this year, supported by Arsenal coach Rebecca. Rebecca has been impressed with their commitment and wrote to us as follows:

      ‘I wanted to say thanks to you and the girls for yesterday’s match. It was made incredibly easy by them organising themselves and also encouraging each other. It is something that Camden School for Girls do so well and it deserves more recognition! The girls have been great all year, persevering through the snow, rain and now the increasing temperatures. The group have always been enthusiastic and have always engaged well with whatever the task has been and made it as much fun as they possibly could.

    I’m looking forward to the future of all of girls, as yesterday’s experience showed that all of them can indeed play, and play to a high standard when in the group. Hopefully this gives the people who were unsure how they would get on great confidence in their ability. They have indeed come a long way from when they first started the club.

    Thank you to the CSG PE staff also for your continued support and making sure the girls can take any opportunity that has been given to them and also your support in making sure things run smoothly all the time. It is always a joy and pleasure to work with you and the school.’

    The students who played were:
    Macy 9M, Jennifer 9M, Bella 8C, Nuria 8C, Pearl 8M, Anna 8M, Annabel 8M, Mercy 8T, Freyja 8T, Olivia 7C, Marwa 7M, Sadaf 7M, Bibi 7M, Evie 7M, Jess 7M, Nawaal 7M, Clara 7T, and Maya 7T.

    It was a friendly match (against Maria Fidelis) for those who have been attending football club this year. For most, it was their first experience of playing football in a match against another school!

    It was great to see them all working together, and encouraging each other, particularly as it was tough playing in such hot conditions!

    Ms Devine
    Head of PE