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    Backstage at the National Theatre

    On 12 July, our Year 12 Drama class were incredibly fortunate to be taken on a backstage tour of the National Theatre.

    Not only did we find out fascinating facts about the genesis of the NT during the tour, we were also able to explore the backstage areas. We had a phenomenal time peering into the props room, scrutinising the scenery and spending a good ten minutes outside Ciaran Hinds' dressing room (although he sadly didn't come out to meet us)!

    The tour provided us with a wonderful insight into the incredible teamwork that goes into theatre making, and as Aaron in Year 12 said, it was a "very inspiring" tour.

    We are so grateful to the National Theatre for the wonderful opportunities they give to our students, and we were all very excited to handle props from productions of His Dark Materials, Hamlet and Treasure Island, as well as having a photo opportunity in front of the Dragon from the recent Olivier production of 'Saint George'.

    Ms Silver
    English Department