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    London Debate Challenge Final

    On Tuesday 3 July, CSG took part in the grand final of the English Speaking Union’s London Debate Challenge. The CSG team was made up of Kitty (Y7), Ines, Lola, Martha (Y8) and Nyah (Y9).

    Finals day took place at the ESU headquarters in Dartmouth House, Mayfair and saw the top six teams from London state schools go up against each other.

    Over the course of the day, the CSG team took part in the following three debates:

    • This house ban smoking (CSG in proposition)
    • This house believes that the UK should give up its nuclear weapons (CSG in opposition)
    • This house believes that education policy should be set by a panel of experts, not by politicians (CSG in proposition)

    It was a fantastic experience for our debaters to go up against the best debaters from London schools and the CSG team was praised by the judges for their detailed explanation, confident style and analytical engagement with the topics.

    At the end of the day, the CSG team didn’t make it to the grand final of the top two teams but it was a very worthwhile experience and the best that CSG has done in the English Speak Union’s London Debate Challenge.

    Mr Gunn