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    Sixth Form News

    On Monday the 25 June in the Sixth Form assembly we were lucky enough to have four different speakers providing information about apprenticeships, as an alternative to degrees or college, or even certain postgraduate apprenticeships. This is a route into a specific industry or profession, where you learn on the job and in which you can earn a minimum £250 a week!



    Jo and Sultana from Camden council came in to break down the differences between intermediate, advanced and higher apprenticeships. The whole idea is to learn whilst you work, and with over 300 different kinds of options to choose from, it is important to identify the industry you would like to work in and the skills set required. Hanna, a postgraduate engineer, explained how she had started working in one arm of engineering and then she decided she was much more interested in another field, so she undertook an apprenticeship and is now working in a sector she finds really stimulating. She also wanted to promote women in engineering, and it was really interesting to hear the experience of someone who had taken a year to do an apprenticeship and really recommended it.

    Applying is free, and if you have any questions just go on to the Camden Apprenticeships website or Camden council.

    Esme - Senior Prefect