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    Y7 Trip to the Tower of London

    On our school trip we went to the Tower of London and explored lots of different parts. When we first arrived we had a tour guide dressed as a medieval lord! He talked about medieval weapons, castle designs and the three contenders for the throne in 1066.

    After the demonstration (which involved us re-enacting the Battle of Hastings), we went to see the glittering crown jewels, which we passed on a very slow travelator. The riches on show went from medieval things to jewels worn recently by the Queen. It was incredibly busy and we were happy to make it outside again in time for lunch, which we had outside the White Tower.



    We then went up the wooden staircase to the White Tower and learned about how the uses of the Tower have changed over time. We were surprised to learn that over the years it has been used as the Royal Mint, a record office and even a zoo! There were also interactive games with digital archery!



    Then we made a final stop to Beauchamp Tower, which was a medieval prison. Prisoners in the tower used to write their name and messages on the stone wall - medieval graffiti! The messages were really interesting to read and look at the patterns made - the prisoners turned out to be amazing sculptors!

    After that, we made a brief stop to the gift shop, then made our way back to school. My highlight of the trip was the graffiti in Beauchamp Tower, as it was really pretty and gave you an idea of just how long the prisoners must have stayed inside!

    Violet - 7C