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    PARENTS' FORUM - Thursday 14 June - Friendships: the good, the bad and the to help your children cope

    Friendships are not only important to our children, but research shows that kids who have positive relationships with their peers are likely to be happier and do better at school.  Yet friendships can also be challenging.

    From jealousy to spitefulness and back-stabbing, to bullying, all of our kids have to navigate some problems thrown up by friends behaving badly. Dr Terri Apter, a psychologist and writer at Cambridge University, is here to help, at our next CASCA Parents' Forum. She’s written two award-winning books - “The Confident Child” and “Altered Loves: mother and daughters during adolescence” - and has been studying friendships among kids for many years. She will be imparting tips on how to manage conflict, deal with social media and help your children have the best friendships they can.  Come along next Thursday 14 June 2018, at 7pm (bar from 6.30pm) - to find out more and have your questions answered. All CSG parents and carers are welcome!

    SUMMERFEST - Friday 22 June, 6 - 9pm – just 2 weeks away - stall volunteers and prizes needed urgently




    • Prizes for the Tombola and Raffle - please drop at School Reception, marked 'SummerFest'
    • Lovely Items for Silent Auction - please contact Nicki,
    • Bric-a-Brac - please drop at School Reception, marked 'SummerFest'
    • Delicious dishes for International Cafe - please contact Kate,
    • Help on a few stalls -  please contact Irene,   
    • Cakes - on the day

    Details for all below - a big thank you to everyone who has offered so far.


    STALLS: parent helpers needed for:

    • Plant Stall - leader and helper needed - do you have an interest in gardening and selling lovely plants?
    • Cakes and Jams Stall - helpers needed (and cakes on the day!)
    • Grill/bar - a couple of helpers needed
    • Face-painting and Glitter - helpers needed
    • Photo booth - helper needed (run by an outside company, but needs a parent to help as it's very popular stall!)
    • Please email Irene if you can help on a stall,

    Students needed to run:

    • Beauty Parlour and Slime Stall - Students should contact Head Girl, Maya or Ms Derrar if they'd like to help or run a stall.


    TOMBOLA AND RAFFLE PRIZES NEEDED - please donate something if you can!

    We need:  bottles of wine, liqueur or spirits; bags, glassware and unwanted gifts; perfume, toiletries & make-up; toys & games; signed books; chocolates, sweets and home-made delicacies; local vouchers for eg. a hairdresser or stationery

    Please deliver any offerings to School Reception, marked 'SummerFest'.



    Designer clothes or bags; tickets for events or shows; beautiful objects; artwork; limited edition items.... Anything that will attract lots of attention and raise lots of money for the school....Please email Nicki,

    BRIC A BRAC: want to clear out some cupboards? Please drop any (unbroken) bric-a-brac to the School Reception, marked 'SummerFest'.

    DELICIOUS FOOD NEEDED TOO for the International Cafe - always a hit! Please let Kate know if you can make something to contribute,

    CAKES on the day!


     Please get in touch with Katrina (CASCA SummerFest lead) if you'd like to help out with the SummerFest,



    The 2018 Dance-a-thon was announced in Assembly on Monday morning, and the school is already buzzing with anticipation! On Friday 29 June the whole school will dance to raise money to help turn the kitchens eco-friendly and plastic-free. Kicking off at 9am, there’ll be year-group dance-offs, Bollywood sessions, teachers’ routines and of course a Champion’s Cup to raise at 3.30pm.

    Sponsorship forms will be coming home next week – please help the girls raise as much as possible by encouraging family, friends and neighbours to sponsor them. We’ll also let you know how you can sponsor through ParentPay, so watch this space for more info…

    CASCA is raising funds to get help the school canteen become eco-friendly - and buy a new dishwasher, crockery and cutlery for the students' lunchtime dining. All funds from these CASCA events will go into the School Kitchen Pot.


    Best wishes,
    CASCA Team - looking for some new leaders!