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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: CASCA AGM, Chair and Vice-Chair of CASCA, Public Examinations

    It was a real pleasure to attend the CASCA AGM with friends, parents and supporters of the school. Many thanks to the current committee for arranging the AGM, and to Mary Kavanagh for a lavish spread of food.

    I was saddened to learn that the Chair and Vice-Chair, Greg and Imogen, were stepping down from their roles, but I hasten to add that it really wouldn’t be reasonable to expect them to do any more. The Annual Report makes for extraordinary reading as it narrates the journey taken by CASCA in support of our building project.

    I am delighted that Barbara will stay on as Secretary and Maia as Treasurer, and she will be joined by Lola, whose daughter is in Year 7 and who is a new committee member. Many thanks to Lola for standing and congratulations on joining the team!

    Maia’s and Barbara’s presence will provide continuity as we prepare for 2018 - 19 and complete this year’s activities.

    I have to admit that I seriously underestimated the talent and determination of this set of parents when they set themselves the goal of raising £60 000. I didn’t think it was possible. And I’m still astonished and delighted to admit how wrong I was, since that figure has been almost doubled.

    As you know, the building work is still not complete, and not fully furnished, but everyone in CASCA can feel enormous pride in donating such a huge sum of money to the school. The cheque now has pride of place upstairs, very close to our bust of Frances Mary Buss.

    Thanks are due to all parents and friends who organised such a wonderful series of events this year. All CASCA activities bring the school community closer together, and provide a relaxing time and place for parents, friends, students and teachers. We get to know each other in a different way on those occasions, and form bonds that are always pleasurable, and valuable for the school. So I’d like to communicate the school’s enormous gratitude to all events organisers and helpers who made those evening and daytimes so enjoyable. It was great to see the new Dance-a-thon and the two-year-old Dramstock being so successful.


    But particular thanks goes to the committee. What does it take to be a great CASCA committee member? Energy, selflessness, commitment, generosity, imagination, determination - and - I imagine - a certain amount of what I respectfully call ‘pester power’ in going to businesses, parents, alumni, and saying to them look, at the moment the school needs your help. All done with a great deal of charm, of course!

    So I want to thank the out-going committee members and those who are staying or joining the team, and send a very big thank you from all at Camden School for Girls for everything they have done.

    Anna, Barbara, Maia, Imogen and Greg - thank you!


    Chair and Vice-Chair of CASCA
    These posts remain unfilled - please contact Katherine Newton via the school email if you would like to take on one of these roles,


    Public Examinations
    The examinations have now started, and we send all best wishes to our Year 11, 12 and 13 students who are sitting them now and after half term. This can be a stressful and nerve-wracking time for parents and students alike - do go to our Information About Exams section on the website (under Examinations and Achievements) to read the NHS advice about beating exam stress.


    Elizabeth Kitcatt