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    Sixth Form News


    Assembly Speaker, Monday 14 May - MJ Rooney Engineering

    This Monday we had a talk from an organisation called MJ Rooney who are a civil engineering and construction company with over 30 years of experience.

    Initially they spoke about the history of architecture, starting with how the Romans and Greeks managed to build entire civilisations all without any structural formulas but using trial and error. Structural formulas for building designs then came about in the 15th, 16th and 17th century introduced by such impressive figures as Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo and Isaac Newton who all helped revolutionise engineering.

    Civil Engineers today build everything from our well known skyscrapers to roads, bridges and train tunnels which sometimes we may take for granted. Recently MJ Rooney have been working on a project in Camden Town along the market road. They have been hired to build an extensive basement but the trouble is that they have to build it under existing shops and flats. They showed us with 3D modelling how important it is to plan every single step to help the process go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

    They outlined how there are many types of Civil Engineers such as geotechnical engineers, structural engineers and transport engineers. When you’re an engineer you can be a consultant or a contractor. Consultants help with the design and planning and contractors assess and manage the process.

    The next generation of civil engineers will have it even harder with more pressure for shorter deadlines, considerations about population growth and making all their projects the most eco-friendly and sustainable as can be.

    They told us that to be an engineer you must have initiative and be creative, and that, for the right individual, engineering could be a really inspirational and rewarding career. There are two routes you can take: you can go to university or join a company as a paid apprentice, studying half the time and working the rest of it. This is really useful route as you are earning money and having hands on experience while learning.

    Under 10% of women are in the industry which is something MJ Rooney are looking to change. They have started giving talks to lots of schools to encourage everyone that engineering could be an option for them.

    It was an extremely interesting talk, and they showed us some amazing pictures and designs of work they have carried out, including a clip from an episode of Grand Designs they had featured in.

    Alex - Senior Prefect