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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: Building Opening Celebration.

    Many thanks to all the guests who came along to view our new buildings on 3 May. After visitors had been taken on a brief tour, Baroness Rebuck performed the official opening ceremony for us by cutting a ribbon and declaring the new areas officially open. Baroness Rebuck’s children came to the school, as many of you know, and she was always a very staunch and generous supporter of the school during that time, and she has continued to be extremely generous to us every year since then by donating brand new books to our annual Book Fair, just in time for Christmas. I’m delighted that she returned to Camden School for Girls yesterday, and it was a great honour to have her with us.

    Yesterday’s celebration was a very small thank you from the school for everything our friends have done to make this building project possible.

    I have to be frank, and tell you that life in school with the building going on around us has not always been easy. This is in no way a criticism of the people working on site, who have always been most considerate - it’s just what happens when you take the front of a school building down and replace it with something much, much better. However, this is Camden School for Girls, so we kept on smiling. Most of the time.

    The design of the new buildings is absolutely beautiful and we are thrilled to be enjoying them - and it is a real pleasure every day to see staff, students and visitors smiling as they come in and look around them.

    I have many people to thank.

    • Firstly, Camden Local Authority, Martin Pratt, Jon Abbey, Councillor Angela Mason, Sarah Bourne - for providing the funding and guidance to make it all possible
    • AY Architects - for the inspirational and unique architectural design of the buildings
    • Conamar builders, for their perseverance in the face of a challenging build
    • Stockdales for their helpful advice
    • The school’s governors and trustees for their help and support
    • The school’s friends, alumni and Camden Old Girls’ Association for interest and support
    • The school’s students for their huge contribution to fund-raising and their cheerfulness and good humour
    • The teaching and support staff for their patience and endurance through the noise and disruption
    • Ms Bradshaw and her team of school-keepers, admin staff and cleaners who have kept us organized and optimistic through this period


    And in particular:

    • Our school’s wonderful parent-staff association, CASCA, which played an important role in helping to fund this work. Through its hugely successful 60 for 60 fundraising campaign, CASCA contributed nearly £105,000 to the project, supporting the purchase of critical furnishings, fixtures and equipment. Our thanks to the CASCA committee, to all CASCA event organisers and helpers, and to all parents and friends who donated. Thanks also to Martyn Gerrard estate agents, who continue to be a great partner for the school.
    • Our musicians and music department for performing the first foyer concert.
    • All members of the school community who have come along tonight

    Finally, many thanks once again to Baroness Rebuck, who spoke very kindly about the school and declared the new build officially open.

    Here are a few pictures of the event.


    Elizabeth Kitcatt