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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: Camden Music Festival, Science Teacher & Author, CASCA Quiz Night, Y8 Make DIY Box Speakers, New Foundation Governor

    Camden Music Festival Albert Hall
    On Monday 12 March a large group of students from Camden School for Girls joined other young people from the borough to participate in the Camden Music Festival. The Albert Hall, a huge venue, was full to bursting point with parents, siblings, teachers and friends of the performers in the audience. The programme was varied, with pieces by Tchaikovsky and Mancini as well as some original compositions. The evening was hosted by Camden resident Jon Snow, who brought great humour, warmth and enthusiasm to the occasion, and the whole event was made possible through support from the Camden Council.

    Congratulations to all our exceptional musicians, and especially Matteo, Ruby, Ella and Ellie our wonderful soloists, thanks to Ms Gordon for all the arrangements and to all parents who went along to celebrate the event.



    Science Teacher & Author!
    A new book, written by one of our science teachers, Alom Shaha, has been published to fabulous reviews. The book is designed to encourage young people and their families to develop a curious wonder in the scientific world around us. A science teacher at Camden School for Girls since 2008, Mr Shaha has said that he loves teaching at the school and much of his work outside is inspired by his interactions with his students and colleagues at CSG.


    CASCA Quiz Night
    On Thursday 15 March our hall was full of tables covered in newspaper, glass bottles, reusable cups and cutlery and some tricky anagrams. It was the CASCA Quiz Night, a complete sell-out, and the theme was protecting the environment. As a school, our ambition is to move away from using plastic cutlery and polystyrene plates to washable items. In order to do this, we need to buy industrial dishwashers, and parents are helping us to raise the money to fund these.

    The Quiz Night was a great success, with our excellent host David Schneider moving things along with great warmth and humour, exceptional flair, imagination and organizational ability from quiz organizer Kate Cullinan and her team, and delicious food, all prepared by parents. The highest plastic tower competition was a particular highlight, and the whole event was thoroughly enjoyable.

    Many thanks to all participants, and especially to Kate and her team for all their work making the occasion so enjoyable.


    Y8 Make DIY Box Speakers!?!
    In Camden School for Girls we girls in Y8 made some music boxes. We not only designed the style but we also programmed what music we wanted it to play! Altogether this process took place within three weeks. We made different designs as some students made small perforations on the box and then stuck the speaker inside of the box. Other students just made a single hole and then stuck the speaker on the outside so it was visible.

    We then had to fix the micro:bit inside the box so it was sturdy. We did this by soldering the wires from the speaker onto our micro:bit. Next we had to program the micro bit and this was purely on decisions the girls made. We did this by using the JavaScript blocks editor. Some examples of themes we did would be the Harry Potter theme and the Star Wars theme.

    Most of the young students decorated their box speaker with foam and some glue, but a few of them just used some felt tip pens - it just shows how just some simple pens can make it look completely different and your own! Overall the speakers came out great, looking very unique and creative! Not only that but functional music amplifiers! The Y8s are very glad and privileged about the fact they got to do this extreme activity with their teachers Ms Ronayne and Mr French!

    I learnt a lot from this task including how to program my own micro:bit and I was very pleased with the result! Also, though I loved designing my speaker, I really enjoyed coming up with the music I wanted as me and my friend did the song ‘Toxic’ and it ended up sounding great! I can’t wait to take it home so I can use it and show it to my parents! I won’t only take a single project home I will also feel proud knowing I made it and it makes me more eager to make and create more products.

    Gloria 8C – Biljana please add photos


    New Foundation Governor
    We are pleased to welcome Bob House as a new Foundation Governor.  Please see below a short biography from Bob:

    ‘I spent the first 25 years of my career in management consulting, and then moved into the charity sector where I was chief executive of a charity providing teacher training in philosophical thinking skills. I now work with a number of educational organisations and charities in the UK and abroad as a consultant and pro-bono advisor. I was, for 5 years, treasurer of HomeStart Camden, a charity which supports families with young children in the borough. I have lived in Kentish Town for nearly 30 years.  My two daughters completed their entire secondary education at Camden School for Girls, and my son did his sixth form years here. All went on to excellent universities and are now in interesting jobs. They benefited enormously from their time at Camden. My wife was a former chair of CASCA. Consequently, I have been involved with the school one way or another for many of the last 15 years. I hope to use my business skills and more recent educational experience to help Camden School for Girls remain the outstanding school that it has been for so long, in what are undoubtedly challenging times for the education sector’


    Elizabeth Kitcatt