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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: The Art of Rejection, Danceathon, Art and DT Shows, Green for Grenfell and Feeding Camden.



    The Art of Rejection

    You may remember that Claudia, in Year 13, created a brilliant artwork out of a rejection letter she received from the university of Oxford. The painting received widespread coverage and praise.

    Claudia gave a TEDx talk recently at the O2 on the theme of the art of rejection. It was an amazing day, and Claudia met Nile Rodgers, superstar musician and founder of TED, and Johnny Marr of The Smiths, as well as many other speakers. The talk was livestreamed to millions of viewers around the globe, and can be seen on .


    Congratulations to Claudia, who is going to take an art foundation course before pursuing a degree in classics. We wish her every success and happiness.



    Our very first Danceathon was a huge success. The girls had a wonderful time, and we can say in all honesty that Camden danced all day! The event was well-organised, from the music to the layout of the room, the Bollywood sessions and the highly motivating prizes - everything added up to a wonderful occasion. I know just how much time, effort and expertise went into creating such a complex and successful day.

    Our students went home buzzing with excitement, and the teachers were very impressed, and keen to support the event again in the not too distant future.

    Many, many thanks to CASCA for organizing such an enjoyable event.


    GCSE and A level art, photography, resistant materials and textiles shows

    Over the last two weeks we have opened the art studio, hall and foyer to display students’ work in art, photography, textiles and resistant materials. The standard was as high as ever, with some wonderful items of furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in an interior decoration magazine, some dramatic clothing design and a stunning range of paintings, photographs, artefacts and even a film in the main hall. This event is always a true celebration of Camden’s artistic talent, and this year was no exception. Many thanks to the art, photography and technology teaching staff for setting up a glorious exhibition.


    Green for Grenfell

    We have received the emails below with thanks for the donations made by the school to support the fire victims. Many thanks to all who supported the fundraising.

    “This is just a big thank you to everyone who participated in our drive for donations for the Grenfell fire victims. Below is an email from the community centre in Latimer who I delivered the donations to thanking all the young people for their efforts.

    I really appreciate everyone's individual effort, thank you to all the students and headteachers who were a part of this!

    There is power when we come together as a community. One thing we learnt that there is power through intervention and social action!

    Jackson Smith
    Managing Director
    The Fantasy Club”


    “Thank You for sending your donations to the Harrow Club, currently we have put our donations in storage and we still have a few volunteers who are still sorting through donations and are preparing boxes of Items to send to the survivors of Grenfell, directly to their temporary accommodation.

    The donations have been very overwhelming, also the kindness of people who have been donating and people who have come from all over the country just to help volunteer.

    Once again thank you to you and the Children for all the donations, they will go to good use.

    Felicia Bailey
    Harrow Club


    Feeding Camden

    I hope you have seen the coverage of Feeding Camden, a charity set up by Sarah in Year 12. The charity aims to raise awareness of poverty and the use of foodbanks in the area, and to give help and support to those foodbanks in getting the resources they need. See below for a link to the media coverage.


    Elizabeth Kitcatt