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    PILL for Grandparents

    Programming in Later Life - introductory session.



    Not a pill grandparents can take, but Programming in Later Life. There is research to show that many older people would like to find out about programming: perhaps because they missed out when they were younger, perhaps because they are curious about what their grandchildren are learning, perhaps to unleash their creative side in a different area.


    We are running an introductory session on programming using Python (version 3.6) for grandparents or other older people: age limits apply in that participants must be at least 55 years old but with no upper age limit. The first session, on Sunday 9 July from 10.30 am to 1.00 pm, will be an introduction to the language through using Python to explore options in the game of scrabble.


    We will use school computers for the session; Python will run on older laptops, Windows, MAC or Linux and participants are welcome to bring their own equipment for an installation clinic after the session has ended. 

    If there is sufficient interest, the classes will continue in the autumn term. There is no charge but those who wish to come are asked to register their interest by emailing