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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: Mock General Election at CSG.



    Labour Landslide in the Mock General Election at Camden School for Girls


    Camden students are used to voting. They have just elected two new Head Student Teams, one in the Sixth Form and one in the Main School. Campaigns are well-organized, with leaflets, posters and presentations in assemblies. Each candidate must summarize what they stand for and persuade the voters to support them.

    The General Election is no exception. We have run an election based on the parties standing in our constituency - Holborn and St Pancras. These are: Conservatives, Greens, Liberal Democrats, UKIP, English Democrats and Labour.

    Students have been talking to their friends, teachers and tutors (and, no doubt, families!) about the promises politicians are making about our future. The final results were as follows:

    - Conservative 6
    - Liberal Democrat 5
    - Green Party 16
    - UKIP 10
    - English democrat 0
    - Labour 216

    We had a good turnout with 253 votes cast.


    Elizabeth Kitcatt