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    The Duke of Edinburgh

    Despite feeling completely exhausted, it was actually really fun, and was - excuse the cliché - an adventure.



    On the first weekend of the CSG Easter holidays, 8 - 9 of April, our group of 6, along with 8 other groups in Year 10, went on a practice expedition for our Duke of Edinburgh, to the Chiltern Hills. All of us with our 50 litre bags consisting of everything from tents to shared snacks, walked for around 5-7 hours each day, for two days, and spent the night in a nearby campsite. We all had to ‘fend for ourselves’, set up camp in the evening, and cook dinner on mini stoves.


    Despite feeling completely exhausted after the long walk and the fact that it was absolutely freezing at night (some of us woke up at 4:00am because of the cold and wind) and the fact we had to be up by 6:00 to leave for 8:00 having packed everything back into our bags, it was actually really fun, and was - excuse the cliché - an adventure. The weather on both days was over 20 degrees which was very fortunate instead of the pouring rain!! We were extremely lucky. While being supervised on day one, on day two most groups walked the rest of the expedition with no supervisor, and were trusted not to get lost (easier said than done). We had to use maps along with compasses to find our way across the Chilterns, following a route that we’d previously planned a few weeks before in our weekly Tuesday after school sessions. During these previous sessions, we learnt how to use the first aid kit, how to use a stove, how to cross a road (yes we sound dumb, but we didn’t want to die), and how to respond in an emergency situation. 



    On the 27 and 28 of May, we are all going to do our assessed expedition that will be in the South Downs, and we will have no guide with us at all, so it’ll be a wonder if we make it alive… I’m sure we’ll manage.

    The overall day was highly exciting and we can’t wait to do our future expedition this month, knowing what to bring for next time (definitely more food).

    Finally we want to thank the Camden Duke of Edinburgh team along with Ms Boardman (who organised this for our school!), and a special shout out to our guide, Tim, and also Joe who had trained us for this day.

    * all jokes were made with no intention of offence and not to be taken seriously.

    Caitlin and Sophia, Y10