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    History Department International Women's Day Quiz

    Answers in next week’s Friday News!

    To celebrate International Women's Day, the History department gave out the following quiz to their classes. How many answers do you know?


    1 - Which woman led a revolt against Roman rule in AD 60?

    2 - Which woman campaigned for prison reform in Victorian England?

    3 - Who was the first female Prime Minister of the UK?

    4 - In which century did Queen Elizabeth I come to the throne?

    5 - In which year did women over the age of 30 get the vote in the UK?

    6 - In which year did women over the age of 21 get the vote in the UK?

    7 - What was the difference between the suffragists and the suffragettes?

    8 - What was the gender pay gap in the UK in April 2017? (How much more did men earn than women?)

    a) 27.5% b) 18.4% c) 8.6% d) 5.9%

    9 - How many women are in the top 10 longest reigning monarchs in the UK since 1066?

    10 - Which female leader said ‘"I have the body of a weak, feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a King of England too."?

    11 - True or false, the current Queen (Elizabeth II) worked as a mechanic during WWII?

    12 - Who was the first married Queen to rule England?

    13 - Which country had the first female elected head of state?

    a) India b) Argentina c) New Zealand d) Sri Lanka

    14 - The 2017 election saw the most ever female MPs elected to Parliament – what percentage of MPs are female now?

    a)25% b) 32% c) 40% d) 45% 


    Answers in next week’s Friday News!