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    Ancient Greek Music Masterclasses

    Overall, this was a compelling masterclass.



    On Monday, we were lucky enough to welcome Dr Armand D'Angour from Jesus College Oxford to talk to us about his research into Ancient Greek music. Having previously encountered the literature, language, philosophy, art and architecture of the Ancient Greeks, it was fascinating for us to discover yet another aspect of their culture which has influenced our own as well as traditions around the world.



    Armand explained that although many consider Ancient Greek music to be a lost entity, we have evidence of rhythms and notations which can be transferred into modern musical notation. In his most recent project he managed to recreate a chorus from Euripides’ Orestes which was performed with reconstructed period instruments at the Ashmolean Museum. Watching a clip from this, we were able to actually hear the sounds which the Greeks themselves experienced, bringing us closer to imagining Greek Tragedy in its original context.


    Overall, this was a compelling masterclass, giving us lots of points for further thought and study. Thank you to Dr D’Angour for coming in to speak to us and Mr Bateson for organising the talk! 


    Some excerpts of reconstructed Greek music can be found in Dr D'Angour's mini-documentary:


    By Eppie, LG12