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    First Aid Fortnight

    This week marked the first week in our 'First Aid Fortnight'.



    This week marked the first week in our 'First Aid Fortnight' here at CSG. It was launched with an assembly that saw Kitty in Y7 saving Ms Goldsmith's life twice when she first choked on some chewing gum and then later fell unconscious after tripping over a cable. In PSHEE later that day, the Y10s learned about the bystander effect and what to do if they came across someone who was unresponsive. At the same time, the Y8s became the second year group to learn how to give chest compressions to someone who is not breathing using our school set of CPR mannequins (the Y7s completed this training in October).



    The theme has continued in registration where students in all year groups have been watching training videos and completing quizzes on how to deal with an emergency, how to put someone into the recovery position and how to treat someone with a burn, severe bleeding or a sprain. Students will also be reminded how to use a defibrillator like the one we are lucky enough to have in reception. The week ended with students dressing in green and yellow to raise awareness of the importance of knowing first aid.


    There is also a competition running for all students in Main School to design an A4 poster on how to deal with a specific emergency or first aid technique (for example how to treat a burn). The deadline is next Friday, 9 February and the winner will take home a personal first aid kit and manual.


    Students have been encouraged this week to swap their usual online games in favour of St John's Ambulance 'Rescue Run', Join your daughters in playing and learn how to deal with different injuries that your character comes across.

    Next week, we will be looking at Mental Health and considering different strategies for dealing with stress and negative emotions.


    Ms Goldsmith
    PHSEE Co-ordinator