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    Learning How to Learn

    As part of our continued efforts to ensure that students are empowered to be independent learners, Mr Flynn has revised his guides on how to study smarter using proven systems and techniques.

    The year 11s have all been given a copy of the Learning How to Learn booklet and Mr Flynn ran an assembly to talk them through the methods.

    There is a separate booklet for year 13 as Mr Flynn has collected real examples from the subjects that students are learning.

    We thought that you might like to see these booklets, and go through them with your child, as mock (and real!) exams approach.

    Mr Flynn has kindly provided three videos: an Introduction to Studying Smarter, followed by an in-depth look at two of the methods in the booklets. As the story in the first video shows, if students make the effort to use these methods, it can make a real difference.

    Study Smarter Intro: 




    Study Smarter Flashcards: 




    Study Smarter Cornell Method: