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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: Year Seven Reading Awards, Sixth Form Masterclasses, Year Eleven

    Year Seven Reading Awards
    Congratulations to the following girls who have achieved the Bronze Reading Award in Year Seven. This means they have read at least five books by different authors and completed a written activity about the text:

    • Naomi, Nilma 7C
    • Sidra, Maddie and Simona 7M
    • Annabella, Phoebe, Asiah, Melissa, Kornelia  7R
    • Sanae, 7T

    Well done!

    Sixth Form Masterclasses
    I’m delighted that we have still been able to run the Sixth Form Masterclasses this term, despite all the restrictions on our activities. There has been a wide range of topics on offer, ranging from An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science through Christian and Muslim Extremism to Orientalism and a student-led presentation. With Mr Evans on ‘An Arctic Mystery’ to look forward to and Ms Camillo on the struggles of the working class man through the songs of Saturday Night Fever and Dirty Dancing it is an irresistible offer and one which reflects the real breadth of interests of our students and teachers.

    Please see the brochure below.

    Year Eleven revision for mock examinations
    A huge thank you to Mr Flynn who gave our Year Eleven students some excellent advice about revision techniques this week. His advice will be captured in a booklet that all Y11 students will receive next week. Good luck, Year Eleven!


    Elizabeth Kitcatt