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    End the Digital Divide for Camden Pupils

    There is just a week left to donate to this fundraising campaign. One of our school governors urges parents, businesses, supporters to donate:

    "Camden schools have been lending their pupils computers, as well as doing their own fundraising to buy digital kit, while Camden Learning and Camden Council have successfully appealed for some donated devices, bought some emergency kit for a limited number of children who might be sent home, as well as distributing computers bought by the Government for selected year groups.

    However, none of this has been anywhere near enough to end the inequality of access to online learning in our borough, which has become so painfully apparent during this COVID-19 crisis. This means that thousands of Camden pupils, including some of our most disadvantaged children, still have no access or only limited access to a computer and WiFi at home.

    We think this is unacceptable so it is our ambition that no pupil or student in Camden schools should be without the equipment (computer and Wi-Fi connection) they need to access home learning online, which has become so important during the pandemic."

    Councillor Angela Mason
    Cabinet Member for Best Start for Children and Families and a Camden Learning Board Member and CSG Governor